Have you got what it takes? Don’t be boxed in!

You can feel boxed in!

Having a small business is both mentally and financially difficult.

No matter how much research, costings, checking the finer details you do for your business – there will likely be setbacks, challenges and some tough times before you get to the finish line.

Do not underestimate the emotional, mental and financial challenges starting a business, or growing a business, will take.

It helps to have a support system in place so that when you hit that brick wall, feel boxed in – you will have somewhere to turn to talk through these things and come up with a plan to get past the issue/challenge.

If you do not have that support, let us help you. I work with Jigsaw Homes to offer free support to small businesses and new start-ups. Sometimes all it takes is to have someone to sit and listen, other times you need help putting a plan together and other times it is specialist support that we can either offer or connect with one of our supporting partners to help you. Get in touch and lets look at what we can do to help.

Start of a new journey

Helping others is the one of the most rewarding things I do.

For some time I have been working with Jigsaw Homes, offering support to new start-ups and small businesses.

It has been very rewarding and our support network has grown during this time.

I have thought about what I want my website to offer, should it be selling my services or promoting other services? – these just didn’t feel right for me.

So I have decide what does feel right for me is to start a series of blogs, offering advise and support to the small businesses and new start-ups that I passionately want to help.

The one to one support service is still readily available, if you would like to chat through ideas or get some help moving forward I would be happy to help. Just get in touch and we will arrange to meet up.

Moving forward I will try and put a post up every other week, weekly if I can get them done in time. I will try and make them straight forward and with important information – not sales speak!

I hope these blogs will help you on your journey.