You have a great idea, what to do with it!

Honest feedback is very important

Week 1 – Your idea

You have an idea but what do you do with it?

We often feel we have a good idea but is it something that others feel the same way about?

First step is to ask family and friends. Try to ask people who will give you honest feedback. Often people agree with your idea and say your product is great because they do not want to be negative or put you off.

This is not helpful as it could be causing you a lot of extra work that will not produce anything – instead of working on other ideas or making the changes needed to make it right.

Be sure to tell who you ask that it has to be honest feedback, explain that by pointing out the flaws or negatives (as well as the positives) is helping you, not putting you off. Once you get this right, the feedback is very helpful in knowing if you are ready to take the next step or if you need to make changes before moving forward.

A good example of this was when my daughter was looking at creating a handmade soap business. She created the soap, gave samples to our family to try and they all said they were great. They liked the presentation, the moisturising aspects were spot on etc. She then gave some samples to someone who didn’t know her and asked for honest feedback. She found that the soap was a good size, packaging was lovely, moisturising property was great but they found that the scent was disappointing and lather was not what they expected! This feedback was by far more helpful because it made her consider her target market, branding message and with some small adjustment to the scent content, her next trial was far more successful.

So please make sure you do not just ask people you are likely to get a ‘oh that is great’ response from – it will not help you! It will most likely cost you a lot of time, cost and make you feel negative further into your journey.

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