JUMP! Is this book worth reading?


Jump! Deliver astonishing results by unleashing your Leadership Team by Chris Henderson

Review by Judi Kelly Inspire Consultant (Dukinfield) Ltd

This book is aimed at Senior Leadership Teams but I feel anyone in management would benefit from reading it.  As Chris Henderson suggests in the book, most management books are based on individual needs (which of course are important) but few look at what happens when the individuals are put together as a team.  Even as an effective Leadership Team, the book helps to remind you where potential problem areas can, and do, arise.

It outlines the areas where most Leadership Teams fail or do not meet their potential and offers tools to improve these teams.  I work with and in Senior Management Teams and found some of the ‘tools’ helped to bring results in quicker and with less conflict within cross departments. As I often work as an outside facilitator, so have no personal involvement with the Leadership Teams I work with, these tools are really good – in a Leadership Team I find the team members are competitive and often demanding (if they weren’t they would not be good at their job) which makes the decisions to be made harder because they all want what they want. But these tools helped to break some of the barriers down and results much better and achieved much quicker.

The book itself was easy to read, not too much jargon and technical speak (my brain didn’t fry!). Managers of all levels would find helpful information and techniques to apply to their own staff and environment.

This book is not available as an ebook, but can be purchased from most online book stores and some larger highstreet bookstores. I have referred back to my book several times because there are so many ‘tools’, I find myself checking out which one I can use in each situation.

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