Think Positive



I came across a book that belonged to my dad yesterday.  I was really supprised that he owned it as he was always so positive and encouraging in whatever myself or siblings did, and then with his grandchildren.  So finding that he read a book called ‘The Language of Positive Thinking’ gave me a new insight into my dad (who I thought I knew really well).  This book has been read many times and having read through a lot of the quotes, I can understand why my dad read the book so often.

With the non-stop rush through life, we tend to just ‘get on with it’ but do not take the time to reflect on what we are doing and where we are going.  Part of this reflection should include re-setting our mind so we have a positive attitude – lets face it if we don’t have a positive outlook, those around us aren’t going to be persuaded by us, lead by us or help us achieve out goals.

Here are a couple of the quotes from the book:-

‘A man should never be ashamed to say he has been in the wrong, which is but saying in other words that he is wiser today than he was yesterday’ Alexander Pope

‘We learn wisdon from failure much more than from success.’  Samuel Smiles

If you are a Manager, Entrepenuer or thinking of starting up your own business keep in mind these quotes and take a positive from every situation, good or bad.  It is often how you deal with a problem that matters rather than the event it’s self.

I was tutoring a Sage Course and everything was going well and to schedule.  Half way through a class the IT equipment went off.  Not great when I am teaching Computerised Accounts!  It was the week before their exam and my learners we getting really stressed.  Rather than panic or just sit there waiting for the IT chap to sort out the problem, I gathered everyone into a circle and asked each person in turn a question about the sage system, how to enter information and what phrases meant (you get the idea).  Some struggled to bring to mind the process but with a little encouragement each learner got more confident and we talked through areas that came up where knowledge was limited.  The following week, with all the IT equipment up and running, my learners completed their exam and all passed with flying colours.  After the exam finished we had 10 minutes catch up and I asked how they found it.  A common theme was that the Q&A session from the week before had helped embed the knowledge and made it easier to recall during the exam.

So from what could have been a wasted lesson, a simple change gave a positive outcome.  From this I changed my last lesson for this course to include the Q&A and had my lessons benchmarked for the whole provision.

On a bigger scale, Virgin Airlines had a problem with one of their flights.  The delays were excessive, customers were left in the airport for hours.  The passengers were very unhappy with the service they received which would have an impact on their business.  Richard Branson personally rang every passenger on that flight and apologies for the delays.  Instead of passengers complaining about the terrible experience they were telling everyone they had actually spoken to ‘the’ Richard Branson.  It is amazing how the small thing make such a huge difference to a person and in turn have a positive outcome for a business.

To sum up, positive thinking goes a long way in positive outcomes. Do not let other tell you that you can’t do something (unless it is illegal!) if Henry Ford had listened to his customers, he would have invented a faster horse instead of a car!

Till next time.

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