Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools



When starting Inspire Consultant,  I had to look at lots of different tools that would help me promote the business and keep costs to a minimum.

I read SOOO many articles on the internet, specialist in marketing giving their advise but I found that a lot of these specialists rely too much on the Google Adword campaigns to promote business.  Google Adwords has it’s place and if you have the funding for it, great.  From personal experience this can be (and proved to be) really costly and you have little control on who is clicking on your link – you are still charged even if they don’t want what you have.   I am very much a penny in the pocket kind of girl, as are my colleagues, and I felt their was more cost effective ways of spending my advertising budget with a more controlled outcome.

So I have put together a list and a little bit about each suggestion, that I have found to be FREE and easy to use, even for a novice.  The more you use the platforms/tools the better you become but even the basics are better than most others offer.

If you would like this FREE information sheet, please send me an email and I will send it by return.  There is no catch, I just wanted to give back some of the information I have found to save you the hours upon hours of research I have been through!



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