Working on my Website

Blog – 25th April 2015  

I am trying to decide the best way to organize my website.  I thought this would be easy but it’s not…

I want to offer my visitors some interesting information in a hope that they will then look through my website and the services I offer – and contact me to arrange a meeting.   But finding the right balance is the hardest part (in my opinion).  I have read loads of marketing information over the years, and more recently, looking at trends, what people like to see, what gets their interest.  Depending on who your target audience is, the marketing can be changed to meet their interests, if you are appealing to a broader spectrum of people this can be more challenging. 

I have found that people like to get something in return for visiting your website.  This can be entering into a prize draw, signing up for a newsletter or just some interesting information that is relevant to their search criteria.  

I have decided on articles that are relevant to businesses and new start-ups.  I will be putting headlines with short descriptions on my ‘News Page’ and then linking them to hidden pages within my website.  This will keep my site clear of clutter but provide a lot of information for those who want it.  

I am making my ‘New Page’ my target page.  This is the page people visiting my site will see first.  Once they see the interesting information I have on there they will then look through my site and get in touch.  

So better get on with putting my articles together and finishing my webpages.  Takes a while to get them right but better that than having something on my site that is not reflective of who I am or what I want to achieve.  Taking that extra time now will make all the difference down line. 

If there is any topic you would like to know more about, please let me know and I will try to get an article up there for you. 

Take care  


New day, new challenge

I am working on a number of new articles to help individuals and small businesses with some of the problems they experience during everyday working life.  I will post them on my ‘News Page’ and within this blog format.  If you have any suggestions or comments I would love to hear from you.  My articles are from my experience and if you know a more effective way of doing things or could offer some insight to others, please write on the comments part of my blog and I will include them in my articles, where possible.

Thanks for being part of helping others achieve their goals.